Owner Retiring in 2020
Dear Entrepreneur,

Re: Opportunity Knocks

You may have found your way to this webpage as a homeowner looking for information on their septic system or an excavation contractor looking for septic tanks or one of the other hundreds of reasons why tanks may be of importance to anyone.

Regardless, septic and especially water tanks will be of high interest as we continue to undervalue the importance of water. I was a much younger man back in 1984 when I was developing the Turtle Tank Storage System and as we approach 2020, I think it is time to let a younger generation use their intelligence and energy to continue to move a great product line forward.

Over the next few years I hope to talk with some entrepreneurs that share my vision of how products are developed, how customers are dealt with, and how the people that make everything work are treated.

If you see the great opportunity that lies ahead...please contact me directly.

Jim Ripley | Email Jim

(250) 863-8372

The Turtle Man