Marketing Turtle Tank Products and Services

In short marketing is everything! Turtle Tanks has tremendous marketing support to help you get customers and effectively communicate with them. Once you are established as an agent, we will work with you to start marketing Turtle Tank services for your area. The most important thing is to get our products seen in your local market. This is easily accomplished with TURTLE TANK BILLBOARDS. These Billboards are simply well marked concrete, fibreglass, and polyethylene tanks; it is a challenge to find great spots, but the effort is well rewarded. As soon as you get these tanks visible....the phone will be ringing!

Important: It may be strategic to have CONSIGNMENT DISTRIBUTION of our product line. This means that a local building supply would agree to stock and display our product line for a 15% sales commission. The whole strategy is to direct home owners to the services of (you) our local agent. You can review the information we send to our Consignment Distributors. If you are not sure how this works and how it would be beneficial to your local agency, please contact head office.

Here are some of the ways we can help with marketing support:

Give you which is redirected to the email of your choice.

Provide a portal hosted website (see sample) or help you create or update your own.

Provide a basic business cards for you. (see sample) This can be sent to your local printer and he can cut to standard 3 1/2" by 2"

Provide a Rack Card (see sample) and plastic display holder.

Provide Vehicle Decals (see sample)

Provide a portable sign (see sample)

Provide a custom CD (see sample CD jacket)

Provide signage (see sample) We have silkscreens to inexpensively make standard yard signs and our own sign cutter machine to create custom signage.

There are many other marketing support activities (in fact we have over 130 marketing tools) but the strategies above are a good start to making our services known in your local region.

Please continue reviewing Sales Information.