Selling Turtle Tank Products and Services

Getting the phone to ring is a marketing challenge, getting the customer to commit to using Turtle Tank products is a sales challenge. Great sales people are born and trained. In the septic business we are selling a "steak" not the "sizzle." We have the best products, technology, and marketing support to communicate with our customer. Your sales task is to simply convey that we do in fact provide the best value.

Over time you will find great ways to describe the TEN GOOD REASONS and possibly come up with many more. As a leading edge company utilizing state of the art technology we fully understand and respect that everyone will not "get it." Some customers will feel more comfortable with a solution that has been used for fifty years. We do something very important when we find a customer that does not see the value in doing business with our company. WE DON'T WASTE OUR TIME ON THEM. I know it drives me crazy when people do not buy into a much better solution...but they are out there and we won't let them burn up our valuable time.

Please see Sales Commission information.