Septic Systems

The septic system business is extremely "fragmented" with so many players involved. If a home owner calls for a quote on a new system installation or a system repair they will get a wide variety of proposed solutions with an even wider variety of prices. There a few reasons for this: Look at all the things involved: The guy with the backhoe, the government, the association of septic guys, the certifying body for septic guys, the regulatory authority for quality control on septic system components, the designer for septic is no wonder that septic systems have become so expensive! This state of confusion has opened a huge opportunity for Turtle Tanks to position itself as the market leader.

Important Note: Turtle Tanks is the only company that Designs the System, Manufactures the Components, Delivers to Jobsite, Installs the System, and provides Service and Maintenance.

As an agent for Turtle Tanks you will not have to know how to design a system or install a system...but you will need to know the basics.

The Basics

How a System Works

General Home Owner and Contractor Info BC sample

Please note that we own and operate: Poly Rock which is a synthetic aggregate used in our systems.

Please note that we own and operate: EnviroMix which is an innovative concrete mixer system used for small load concrete and for making concrete for our tanks.

Paperwork is something we all hate... but is a necessary evil. Our work order also acts as the quote and you can see a sample in word format and PDF format. You will soon have enough knowledge to comfortably quote on jobs, but initially will require support from head office. In some cases we will recruit an agent that has equipment and will actually do the work. It is very important to keep your agent activity completely separate from the trades and subcontractors that we hire to do the work.

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