Concrete Producer FAQ's

How long does it take to put an agreement together?

Usually two weeks is plenty of time once all the questions are answered.

How long does it take to get government approval?

Government Approval can take 60 to 90 days. During this time we can utilize a structural engineer to sign off on any tanks sold.

How much training is involved?

Turtle Tanks has set up many operations over the years. The training period varies from two to five days. All specialized equipment (including lifting apparatus) is supplied by Turtle Tanks.

How much does a Turtle Tank weigh?

Each half requires just under 2/3 of a yard of concrete, so:

The standard 1000 CDN gallon (1250 US Gallon) Turtle Tank weighs about 2500 lb. for the top and 2500 lb. for bottom.

The Optional Compartment Divider weighs about 1200 Lb. (.3 cu yd)

How high can Turtle Tanks be stacked?

We have stacked and shipped cured tanks 5 high with no problem.

What is the lifespan of a Turtle Tank?

100 years (50 more than a conventional tank)