Consignment Distributor FAQ's

What training is available for a Turtle Tanks Consignment Distributor?

Turtle Tanks provides a comprehensive training package that will bring your sales team and delivery personel to expert status in a very short time. We have promotional packages to cover communication with: General Contractors, Excavation Contractors, and Home Owners.

How much does a Turtle Tank weigh?

The standard 1000 gallon Turtle Tank weighs: Top 2250 lb. Bottom 2250 lb. Optional Divider 1200 lb. Note: We provide the lifting apparatus for transporting tanks.

What is the warranty on a Turtle Tank?

Turtle Tanks provides a 5 year limited liability structural warranty. This is increased to 10 years if installed by a certified installer.

What is the lifespan of a Turtle Tank?

100 years (50 more than a conventional tank)

Does Turtle Tanks offer exclusive distribution territories?

Yes, this is negotiable.

What profit could I expect as a Consignment Distributor?

Please read our pricing section.

Make sure to review our Technical Sales Link to see important sales info!