Turtle Tank Logistics
Turtle Tanks have logistical advantages that make our products much easier to store, transport, and install. (scroll down to see pictures below)
This Yanmar 35 mini-excavator shows how light duty equipment can be used to install the 1000 gallon Turtle Tank.

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A 580 Case backhoe installed this 1500 gallon tank as a water cistern.
An EX-60 Hitachi installed these 1000 gallon tanks and pump chamber.
The concrete divider is a requirement for some provinces and states. It can be installed by the distributor or dealer. It is cemented in place with 50 MPa hydraulic cement.
An ex 200 moves a 2,250 gallon tank. The bucket needed to be removed.
See a >slide show< of a 1000 gallon tank delivered and dropped in the hole!
This shows a regular deck truck with 10 (20 shells) 1000 gallon single compartment tanks.
Somewhere between production and installation a tank half must be flipped to be used as the bottom half. This can be done at the distributors or on site. When slung up properly this is done very easily. >See Slide Show<