Contract Installer FAQ's

What Equipment Rate does Turtle Tanks pay?

Turtle Tanks pays full market rate for equipment and labour services.

What about insurance?

Turtle Tanks has insurance to cover mishaps in the event our subcontractor's coverage does not.

How much does a Turtle Tank weigh?

The standard 1000 gallon Turtle Tank weighs: (Top 2250 lb. Bottom 2250 lb. Divider 1200 lb. )

Should I worry about backfilling the tank with large rocks?

No, they will take a pretty good hit.

What about compacting around the base of the tank?

Use your bucket to compress the soils; machine tamping is not required.

What is the warranty on a Turtle Tank?

Turtle Tanks provides a 10 year limited liability structural warranty if installed by a certified Turtle Tanks installer.

What is the lifespan of a Turtle Tank?

100 years (50 more than a conventional tank)

What strength specification of concrete is used?

Turtle Tanks are made with a (minimum) 32 Mpa concrete.