Installation Instructions:

(We will provide supervision when required.)

Recommended Procedure

1. Measure elevation of the bottom of the building drain.

2. Excavation: Critical Dimensions

Distance from tank bottom (1000 gallon) to inlet is 64".

Tank Diameter is 94".

Allow for a 2% slope from building drain to tank inlet. Allow for this slope and the vertical distance of the tank bottom to the inlet for the excavation depth.

3. Harness the tank bottom with Load Rated Slings and place in the excavation. The tank should be level.

(Optional-Compartment Divider)

4. Place compartment divider in tank bottom so large chamber is on inlet side. Secure and seal with a quick set cement.

5. Apply gasket material in middle of step joint and place tank top on bottom and observe gasket compressed uniformly.

6. Tank risers should be sealed with conseal or grout to prevent surface water from entering tank.

7. A water test is recommended.