How much training is involved for a new Turtle Tanks crane operator?

Turtle Tanks provides a comprehensive training package that will bring your delivery personnel to expert status in a very short time. All lifting apparatus is supplied by Turtle Tanks as part of our Crane Operator Package..

How much does a Turtle Tank weigh?

The standard 1000 gallon Turtle Tank components weigh: Top 2250 lb. Bottom 2250 lb. Optional Compartment Divider 1200 lb.

What is the warranty on a Turtle Tank?

Turtle Tanks provides a 10 year limited liability structural warranty.

What is the lifespan of a Turtle Tank?

100 years (50 more than a conventional tank)

What if a tank breaks during delivery?

We will want to know the exact circumstances so we can learn from it; If it is damaged while using standard installation procedures we would replace the tank.

Could I see some references for Turtle Tanks?