Turtle Tanks is dealer for

Canadian Super Igloos

Turtle Tanks has acquired a dealership to market the most innovative, technologically advanced shelter available. The Canadian Super Igloo has combined geometric efficiency (sphere) with the versatility of fibreglass. Ken Laughren (CEO of CSI Domes) has extended the opportunity to Turtle Tanks to make a CONCRETE VERSION of their design. This provides an amazing chance to apply 25 years of research and design activity to one of mankinds greatest challenges. Jim Ripley (Turtle Tanks) will focus on garage, storage, and workshop applications to expedite approvals for usage. He feels this is one of the great opportunities to expand his rapidly growing Turtle Tank dealer / distribution network.

The deal was negotiated on May 15, 2009. For opportunities with Canadian Super Igloos; contact Ken Laughren at (250) 215-0256 or EMAIL.

Turtle Dome made prior to CSI Dealership
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