Dividend and Prepaid Dividend Investment Options
Both programs are designed to offer a highly secured, tax beneficial, environmentally sensitive investment, with a generous return. (10%)

The following samples are based on a share purchase of 10,000 shares or $10,000; any amount can be utilized. You will note from the Terms of the Corporate Memorandum that the dividend offered is 10% per year and is cumulative.

Option One: Dividend Program

$1000 First Year Dividend (10% of $10,000)

$1100 Second Year Dividend (cumulative with compounding)

$1210 Third Year Dividend (cumulative with compounding)


$3310 Total

For a TOTAL PAYOUT IN THE THIRD YEAR of $13310 (Principal plus dividends)

Note: Your shares are sold back (redeemed) to NEXT STEP DESIGNS INC. at the end of the third year in accordance with section 5 of the Memorandum.

Option Two: Prepaid Dividend Program

If we prepaid your dividend and we were given the same rate of return (10% per year); we could give you $2487.00 upon purchase of your shares.

Note: Interest calculated on $2487.00 at 10% per year for three years

$248.70 First Year (10% of $2487)

$273.57 Second Year (cumulative with compounding)

$300.73 Third Year (cumulative with compounding)


$823.00 + $2487.00 = $3310 (same amount of total interest in option 1)

At the end of year three in accordance with the Memorandum (section 5) we purchase your shares back for a single payment of $10,000

Regardless of Option One or Two you will be invited to participate in another three year investment opportunity.

A Note on Investor Security

All materials, accessories, finished products, and other onsite production equipment is offered as investor security. We want our investors to have their equity 100% secured.

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I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.