Turtle Tanks has had a NFLD Operation since December of 2011. From Jan 28 to Feb 4, 2014 Jim Ripley did trial casting in Amherst NS. By October of 2014 we received approvals from each maritime province. See below for more information.
Casey Group has a very modern facility strategically located in Central maritimes.
One of the Casey Group's Ready Mix Plants.
New Block Plant put in production in Spring of 2014.
Precast Plant
Basic Turtle Tank forms to make 5000 litre (working capacity) tank. (Optional Divider in front)
Form takes a little over a half yard....2200 pounds.
One form can do top and bottom.
This clamp system has been used for the last few years. Here is the older one.
First Casting
Second Casting.
Noticed stacked tanks only rise a foot.
There are TEN GOOD REASONS why Turtle Tanks are best!