Turtle Tank Logistics
Our Fibreglass and Poly line of products are very easy to handle manually. You will be very surprised at how light duty equipment can move our concrete products! If you do not have a crane, we will have a local service provide delivery. (scroll down to see pictures below)
This shows a regular deck truck with 10 (20 shells) 1000 gallon single compartment tanks.
Our largest Precast Tank is 10,000 litre (2,250 gallons)
Most tanks for septic are 1000 gallon tanks which weigh a little over a ton per half.
A 580 Case backhoe installed this 1500 gallon tank as a water cistern.
An EX-60 Hitachi installed these 1000 gallon tanks and pump chamber.
The concrete divider is a requirement for some provinces and states. It can be installed by the distributor or dealer. It is cemented in place with 50 MPa hydraulic cement.