Installing a Siphon
Generally you will want at least 10 feet of elevation between discharge level and distribution box. Based on the >specification diagram< there is really only one critical dimension and that is the elevation between the high water level and the bottom of the siphon bell. The high water level must be below the inlet level which is below the outlet level of the septic tank.

Here is what I recommend for >this configuration<

A) Make siphon tank excavation so that the top of the siphon chamber is the same as the septic tank.

B) Penetrate the siphon chamber so the pipe from the septic tank outlet has slope to the siphon tank.

C) Install pipe from septic tank to siphon chamber.

D) Use a level placed in the pipe (described in last step) to show high water level.

E) Use the simulated high water level as the guide to make sure the drawdown of the siphon is below. I do this by digging in the middle of the tank a one foot diameter hole which the base of the siphon sits in. I measure from the simulated high water to the bottom of the bell and make sure this vertical distance is greater than the drawdown specification. In some cases the discharge will be below the edge of the siphon tank.

F) When everything is in place; pour a 3" bottom while poring the support for the siphon.

G) Give the connection of the base to siphon tank a double "slurpy coat" of quick setting hydraulic cement.